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Corporate Travel

"Dear professionals:
Welcome to the PNR Travel corporate travel web site! On these pages you will find everything you need to know about the services and benefits
we offer to corporate travelers.

At PNR Travel our philosophy is "service, service and more service". We provide a quality of service that is unrivaled by any other. Our agents have an average of over 18 years experience. Very few, if any travel agencies can match our expertise. We believe our experience leads to lower fares, better scheduling, less errors, faster response time and a better knowledge of the travel product.

A recent study by Topaz International, found that itineraries booked through a designated corporate travel agency averaged lessthan the same itineraries booked on the public Internet travel sites, saving corporations saving corporations an additional 10% in airfare expenses.

Our experience with corporate entities gives us a strong knowledge of the travel requirements necessary to serve the traveler's needs. Please give us a try with your next business or personal travel arrangements. You will be pleasantly surprised. Click here to see our online presentation (after you click the link use your direction arrows to navigate).

If you are interested in becoming one of our corporate travelers, please fill in our travel profile and fax it to our office.

Happy traveling!

Robert E. Kern Jr.