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PNR Travel Professional Fees




This is a unique business… a travel agency. The better we do our job – finding you the most convenient scheduling, best seat assignments, lowest airfares, nicest accommodations and the most for your dollar – the harder we must work and the less money we make. When tickets are written and refunded, and the trip is canceled, PNR Travel refunds the entire commission back to the airline, tour operator, or cruise line. When this happens we have earned no commission but entailed many expenses.

Common sense suggests that a serious business cannot operate losing money on these and other transactions. Unfortunately, not for the traveler, but for the travel agency, the average ticket written does not provide enough cushion to make up for the unprofitable transactions.

There are many ways a travel agency can face this challenge. Some travel agencies that charge lower processing fees have to deal with the decline in profits. Often it means a corresponding decline in experienced personnel and service.

In order to give the finest service, PNR Travel will not compromise on the quality of our staff, the quality of our service, or the highest technology available. By offsetting specific expenses with our professional fees, PNR Travel can continue to compensate the highest caliber travel agents, give the highest quality of service, and utilize the best technology available.

Here you will find a list of services and related fees that PNR Travel offers. We assure you it is not our intent to penalize anyone with these fees but merely to insure that we will be able to continue to serve you with the special attention you deserve.

Welcome to the select circle of travelers who appreciate service, professionalism, and profitability.

Happy traveling!

Robert E. Kern, Jr.



*Professional fees are non-refundable

*Subject to change without notice

*Last revised 3/24/2015



Airline tickets (under $800)                          $39.00

Airline tickets ($800 and up)                        $50.00

Change/Refund fee for airline tickets

            Within the 50 States                          $50.00

            International                                     $75.00

Airline discount coupon usage                      $25.00

Reservation for a free ticket

Using frequent flyer miles or

Airline ticket upgrades                                     $75.00

Exchanging an airline ticket

  (purchased elsewhere)                                            $75.00

Airline reservation only

  (ticketed elsewhere)                                    $50.00



International hotel reservation                      $15 - $25

Hotel reservation (non-commissionable)                  $35.00

Canceled reservations                                   $25.00



Cancellation or changes (per person)            $50.00



Dinner reservation                                       $15.00

Theater reservation                                      $25.00

Ferry reservation                                          $25.00

International train ticket or reservation         $10.00

  (per segment/per person)

Day tour                                                      $25.00

Visa processing not included official Visa

  fees (per country/per person)                     $10 - $50

Overnight shipping                                      $15 and up

Detailed personalized itinerary development

  (per hour)                                                  $60.00/hour

Plan-to-Go fee (individual)                          $150 - $500

Plan-to-Go fee (group)                                 $50 - $2000

Extra booking (per ticket)                            $35 - $50

  (plus any incurred airlines fees)



Accounting copies (per document)             $2.00

Accounting copies (per doc. Over 1 year)      $3.00