PNR Travel, preferred access to Travel Leaders travel products and services, wants to help you plan your next trip. Whether you are going to San Fransisco or Paris, we will provide quality service while remaining professional, nice, and reliable.

Without a travel agent you are on your own.

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Interested In Becoming A Home Based Agent?

Home Based Travel Agent Opportunities

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We have one of the best packages available in the industry. Check with us for details.

PNR Travel is located in Minden, Nebraska. We are looking for experienced home based travel agents. If you are interested in working with a team of dedicated travel agents who genuinely love to help travelers find the best the world has to offer, then we would like to hear from you. Mail or email us your resume with details of your specialties today.

Bringing your travel knowledge home

Are you a professional home based travel agent who would like to work out of your own home without all the hassles of being self employed? If so, you can join PNR Travel and become a home-based travel agent.

Who we are at PNR Travel

PNR Travel is a  premium member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents). We are fully licensed and approved by ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) and IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network). Owner, Robert E. Kern Jr., is a respected member of the travel industry. He has over 32 years experience and is a member of the Quarter Century Club,  PROST and in Who’s Who. Bob is the President of AMSI (Allied Marketing Services, Inc.), and participates in several national ASTA committees like ASTA’s National Education Committee. Bob is also actively involved in many of the travel industry’s other governing bodies and associations. Homebased travel agents need to be assured that the person they put their trust in will not let them down. Bob Kern stands behind PNR Travel: every ticket, every reservation and every agent.

 What’s in it for you

By joining PNR Travel, you can work out of your own home. You will book your own clients through PNR’s Apollo or Sabre GDS system and receive a commission rate (see commissions). Because you are using our system and IATAN number, you will not need to go through the bonding process as you would if you were starting your own business.


 We offer different commissions for different situations. You have the ability to choose whichever commission that fits your need on that particular travel arrangement.

Full Commission
As an independent contractor, you will earn an agreed upon commission rate (this rate is applicable only if you do not request any help from PNR employees). PNR Travel is a Travel Leaders Travel Representative which gives us the buying power of a thousand travel agencies. This buying power enables us to earn higher commissions from which your commission is based.

Assisted Commission
You will earn an agreed upon commission rate if the booking has required the help of PNR Travel. This will give you the added confidence that PNR Travel will be there with you through more difficult and involved trips.

Independent Contractor Agreement

Contact us for further details.