PNR Travel, preferred access to Travel Leaders travel products and services, wants to help you plan your next trip. Whether you are going to San Fransisco or Paris, we will provide quality service while remaining professional, nice, and reliable.

Without a travel agent you are on your own.

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Welcome to PNR Travel

Travel the Earth

PNR Travel is located in Minden, Nebraska. We have been in business since 1991 and are committed to giving the traveling public a full range of services to destinations throughout the world. No trip is too small or too large. The travel agents at PNR Travel are specialists in understanding the needs of today's sophisticated traveler.

There are so many ways to buy travel: Internet, Wholesalers, Consolidators, Tour Companies, Direct Suppliers, On-line Travel Agents and so forth...PNR Travel has the software and the experience to find out what is best for you, the traveler. We search the myriad of ways to buy airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, cruises, tours, etc...

Do not allow one company to convince you they have the lowest price of the best quality. A good travel agent realizes any one of a hundred companies could be the best way to go in any one situation.

Let PNR Travel help you make the right choice.

Our Mission:

To provide quality and professional travel services to both the business and vacation travelers at an affordable price. To excel at compiling, organizing, and planning meticulous travel plans worldwide using today's most modern technology, but with the human touch and personalized service second to none. We will deliver a quality of services beyond the client's expectations. Professionalism, being Nice and Reliability will be our keys to success.

PNR Travel has over the years developed a very reputable business in the Los Angeles , California market. We have developed a relationship with the traveling public that is Professional, Nice and Reliable. PNR Travel has taken its many years of experience and brought it to the internet. Internet travelers need to be reassured the person they put their trust in will not let them down. Our dedication to the traveling public goes beyond just selling travel and making a profit. We are involved in nearly every travel organization in the industry whose goal it is to make any travel experience positive.

You will have peace of mind knowing your journey into cyberspace will not leave you feeling alone or worried about your travel arrangements. Welcome to the select circle of travelers who appreciate service and professionalism.         

Happy Traveling!


PNR Travel
518 N Brown Ave

Minden, NE 68959
Tel:  310.574.6800
Fax: 310.574.6801